Monday, 7 November 2011

Italian micromosaic jewellery (Souvenirs from the Grand Tour!)

After Napoleon was defeated (1814), the English started to travel to Europe again.   Italy was a particular favourite and many folk brought back jewellery as souvenirs.  Sometimes these items were unmounted and were 'framed' when they returned home.  Cameos and micromosaics were popular and, just like today in Florence and Rome, there were a number of shops and street sellers. Rome specialized in micromosaics.

To make a micromosaic, thin glass pieces (rods or tesserae) were cut and placed using small tweezers.  These were then 'cemented' into place, the gaps filled with wax, and then they were polished.


  1. All gorgeous Teresa. Are you going to Shepton tomorrow?

  2. Yes I'm heading along about 10! See you there? T x

  3. Hi Teresa,
    Wonderful little works of art...Love them! - Very clever those Italians!

    Thank you for your interest in my handmade torso cushion...Can you email me (email address on my blog's profile or on my website's contact page) and I can let you know the details.
    Many thanks!
    Have a great day,

  4. Hi, Thanks for following my blog. Have signed up for yours too. Those brooches are such a delight. I have a few of the mosaic ones. They never get worn which is something I should remedy but I do treasure them. Happy Christmas!
    Lesley X

  5. And a great Christmas and New year to you too Lesley! these brooches are really lovely just to look at, but also to wear too! All the best, Teresa