Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Portrait Photographs

Photography was first invented c 1839.  Portraits were very expensive for people to have and families if they could afford would have a group shot. This would be for special occasions, even including after death which may seem rather macabre to us today!  I have  collected a number of interesting portrait photographs over the years and recently have started to use them to display jewellery.  I'm enclosing a few shots for you to enjoy.


  1. I adore old photographs too...Its intriguing to think about who the people were and what sort of life they had...
    I like your collection of bird brooches.

  2. Your brooches are beautiful, I love the way you have used the old photographs. I love old photo's and always wonder about the people in them......the old lady looks rather stern!!
    welcome to blogland :-) x
    Sophie x

  3. Thanks Sophie. I really love it! And thanks for adding me to your list of blogs you follow.